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Conference in cultural heritage – Cultural HELP 2014

The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto and the International Scientific Committee on Risk Preparedness (ICORP) of ICOMOS are honoured to invite you to attend the ”Cultural HELP – Cultural Heritage and Loss Prevention” conference to be held in Porto, Portugal, on the 6th and 7th of October 2014.

Recent disasters around the world have shown that, in addition to human losses, cultural heritage losses are also considerable. It is without question that minimizing human losses is the first and foremost priority when developing disaster mitigation strategies. Still, efforts must also be assigned to preserve cultural heritage given its fundamental role in every nation and community.

Currently, cultural heritage is still not given sufficient consideration in disaster risk management strategies. Furthermore, few heritage properties have appropriate disaster risk management plans and procedures. Therefore, the Cultural HELP 2014 conference offers an opportunity to raise awareness and discuss initiatives being developed on this matter.

The conference will include presentations by the following confirmed speakers:

  • Rohit Jigyasu – Ritsumeikan University, Japan, President of the Scientific Committee on Risk Preparedness (ICORP) of ICOMOS
  • Bijan Rouhani – ICORP, UK
  • Carlos Bateira – Faculty of Humanities, University of Porto, Portugal
  • Chris Marrion – Marrion Fire & Risk Consulting, USA
  • Isabel Raposo Magalhães – General Directorate for Cultural Heritage (DGPC), Portugal
  • Julio Serje – United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR)
  • Rand Eppich – Tecnalia, Spain
  • Romeu Vicente – University of Aveiro, Portugal
  • Vasco Peixoto Freitas – Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal
  • Zeynep Gül Ünal – Yildiz Technical University, Turkey

The conference presentations will address the following topics:

  • Risk mitigation and loss prevention from natural and human-induced disasters
  • Policies and legislation for risk and loss prevention
  • Management of cultural heritage in emergencies
  • Awareness and training for disaster risk reduction
  • The role of cultural heritage in resilience
  • Methods and techniques for the protection of cultural heritage
  • Examples of best practice in risk mitigation and loss prevention

For more information please visit the conference website at: http://lese.fe.up.pt/CulturalHELP/

We hope to see you in Porto!